Sep 9, 2010

i'm aLone!!

urgghh..i'm alone again tday!but it's luvly brother are on his journey back..wuhuuu!m0m,sis n younger bro is g0ing to lngg0ng..wat a b0red place..too many time going there..tmorow...wat's hppen 4 tmorow??huhuu..HAPPY EID DAYY!!wahh..x sbar rsenye..hurmm..tonyte c4rm my whole fmily will busy..ad0yaaii..dat's is the lazy tyme 4 me!feel like want to sleep all da tyme while they clean up da house..waa..!but i can't do that!they will be mad at me for sure!hahaa....OMG!!what's g0ing on?!ermm...i'm very2 cnfuse now!dunno why..
but i think mybe it's all about wat coming soon!(ari raya) but why??i can't stand of it anymore!sumtink hidden from me..such a 'big mouth' talking behind me..damn!

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