Oct 23, 2010


it's every little thing...
let me know if you hear me
if u want to be near me 
let me know
and i'll never let u go
hey love..
when u ask what i feel
i say LOVE
when u ask how i know
i'll say TRUST
and if that's not enough

 it's every little thing you do
that makes me fall in LOVE with u..
there isn't the way that i can show you
ever since i've come to know you
it's every little thing you say
thats make me wanna feel this way
there's not a thing that i can point to
'cause it's every little thing you do
don't ask why..
let's just feel what we feel
'cause sometimes
it's the secret that keeps it alive
but if u need a reason why...

is it ur SMILE or ur LAUGH or ur HEART??
does it really matter
why i LOVE u??
anywhere there's a crowd,u stand out
can't u see why
they can't ignore u
if u wanna know
why i can't let go
let me explain to you..
that every little dream comes true
with every little thing you do

it's everything
everything you do
that's make me fall in LOVE with u..
it's everything
everything u say
that makes me feel dis way

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