Jul 18, 2011

i feel guilty for her..

it's all about L.O.V.E !! why must people got mad with L.O.V.E ??
it's very stupid right?
but it's also teach us a meaning of L.O.V.E
not all of us can get it right ??

eventhough people in this world need someone to persuade theirself,
eventhough people in this world need a L.O.V.E,
and eventhgough people in this world need a shoulder to cry on..
but only a few people get it !!

enough!! i wrote this base on my feelings this midnight!!
and one of my boyfriends told me just now..he has a problem with his "not open-minded" sweetheart..

i really didn't understand the girls that we can call them "a queen qontrol"!
just let ur couple in a freedom situation lah..!!
ok,i don't want to babbler too much!!don't want to make such a stupid things..!!

i hope my boyfriend can release his tension..
and think the best way..
if 'you' can't..
just dedicate this song to 'her'...;)

see! i've prepared you a video with it's lyric yaa...
be cool my friend !
hope u always be nice with ur sweetheart and be patient yahh?!

fingernote: haillaa...best la ada buah manggis pengarang hempedu yang sayang kan kita kan??masih menungguu....kihhkihhkihh..


Ayuu R'zad said...

sweetnye laguuu ni sobb sobs

shaemo said...

uii.. aku igt boyfriend tuh boipren kau.. hahah.. rupenye org lain..