Oct 2, 2012

A Month To Go...

Hello readers & followers..
haa..it's been a long time I didn't update my blog right?naahhh...here for you!
seriously don't know where to start..?__?
sooo much things happened for me la.

but I think,no need to share with uollsss about bla bla bla...2 weeks ago wasn't important anymore,what pass is passed!
my trial examination is done!and that's why I'm not too focus to update anything for my blog and now I wanna grab the chance to make it shining again...hewheww

during my study week,I felt like..urrgghhh!!what's the nonsense and am I did something good to succeed before?when I look at the books on the table,it just messed me up..I just hate reading! I'm nearly to give up..this is serious! I never feel this way before..

yess ! imma troublemaker..;)
*ouuhh ya..actually I'm still have an examination tomorrow but for MUET only..

luckily,my mom & my teachers cheered me up..they're very concerned about me.alhamdulillah..I became lazy so sudden..they gave me some advices for not being such a useless person.I just act like I didn't hear anything from them..but when I'm alone,I realized that what I did is wrong and I've to change my attitude before it become worst..

and then I realized,how precious I am to have them beside me..support me when I'm up and down..that always remember me to always pray to the almighty Allah swt..there's a miracle when we as a muslim always pray for Him,and struggle to succeed..double efforts and at the same time always make the du'a to Allah to give us a happiness and a peaceful in our life..
and yet,it would be a sweet memory to us..Allah always learn the prayers from ummah Nabi Muhammad saw. believe that There is no God except ALLAH.

there's actually less than a month to seat for final semester of STPM for first term..even I'm just done for trial,I've to strive for it.to achive my goals..make my dream comes true..and get the best result for my final STPM in first sem..insyaAllah..

here,I'm seeking for your forgiveness..if I did anything wrong during writing in these posts or everything such a harsh words to all of you..any posts that make you guys feel uneasy with my way..forgive me and pray for my friends' & my success.5 November 2012 is the most important date for us batch '94.
a month to go....

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